Become A Dealer

Conversion Kit Shop is a direct distributor of the leading Israeli manufactures in the security industry.

Conversion Kit Shop  have a department that handles sells to dealers and big stores worldwide.

Conversion Kit Shop distribute the products of

"Elite Tactical Gear" 
- manufacture of weapon accessories and Bulletproof products

"Best Security Gear"- manufacture of weapon accessories

To become (or entitle for dealer prices) a registered dealer with us:

  1. You have to own a business (store, site, customers)
  2. You are purchasing on a regular (weekly) basis ($500 each order or more)
  3. You purchase in one time at least over $2,000

Conversion Kit Shop  will provide you the dealer price-list.

Conversion Kit Shop  will send to you directly, or can drop-ship to your customer.

Conversion Kit Shop combine shipment, the shipping cost will depend on the weight of the package and destination.

Conversion Kit Shop ships your order the next working day after receiving the full payment. If not in stock we will notify the day of shipping (arriving from Conversion Kit Shop to you or to your customer will not exceed 14 business days)

Conversion Kit Shop accepts all credit cards (through PayPal or Google checkout) PayPal, Google checkout, money order, cashier check or bank transfer.

Conversion Kit Shop  will be happy to assist you to open a store site selling our pro- Please click here

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