About Us

Gear.Army is an Israeli based company, founded by ex-IDF (Israeli Army) officers, for the purpose of marketing and distributing top quality defense accessories made by the finest Israeli manufacturers known worldwide, at affordable prices.

Gear.Army specializes in selling body armors, holsters, pouches and weapon accessories produced by Fobus Holsters, FAB DEFENSE, Caa Tactical. and more.

Gear.Army is a supplier for law enforcement agencies, security companies and civilians around the world. All the products are combat proven and in use by the IDF.

Manufacturers we represent

caa tactical

CAA Tactical  is a global leader in development and production of superior, high quality state-of-the-art arms accessories designed to meet the demands of tactical solutions required by global law-enforcement unites and armed forces.
The company works with global special units and military forces throughout the world, constantly developing military-standard compliant tactical accessories, which includes advanced light and laser devices, bi-pods, hand grips, rail systems, tubes, magazines, pistol grips, cheek rests and much more, all of which undergo meticulous testing.

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